FabFo was born 1994 in St. Gallen, Switzerland and took up drumming in the age of 6 years. His first drum lessons he got by Didi Konzett at the Jazzseminar Dornbirn AUT. Beside those private lessons he attented a workshop band which were guided by Charly Bonat on the bass. When he moved to high school, FabFo was the drummer for his school band with the leaders Andi Loser and Dave Mäder from 2007 till 2009.

Meanwhile in 2011, he moved to the Swiss Drum Academy (now Swiss Music Academy) in Zurich, where he was teached by Massimo Buonanno (Seven, Gregor Meyle), Rico Horber (Stoneman), Peter Haas (Krokus, Independent), Roman Schmon (die Schweizer Macher)... At this educational years, he learned many different stiles to play.

Since august 2016, he is studying at WIAM (Winterthurer Institue of Contemporary Music) in Winterthur for the Bachelor of Art on (Hons). Additonal to play the drums, he is a cajonplayer as well and is able to play timpani and mallets. Beside this, his Inspirations are Aaron Spears, Massimo Buonanno, Dave Weckl, Benny Greb, Phil Collins, Thomas Lang and Anika Nilles.



photo credits: Sandrophoto
Openair Berg-Birwinken 2018


He started to play the drums for a marching band in Dornbirn AUT (Hatler Musig) for more then 10 years. Additionally to this, he was playing in different formations and projects as the-friendsN'ACOUSTIC, The Princely Lichtenstein Tattoo, etc. Otherwise he has played with the Artists Patric Scott, Cornelia Bösch, Anna Indelicato and SoeBlue. In Summer 2015, he was at the Summer Xperience at the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) for the performance and drummer week. Since 2016, he plays the drums for SWISSMAYD. A rock/pop/funk Band, who's based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In August 2017, he was the main drummer at the Princely Liechtenstein Tattoo for the Princely Castle Band.


On the 6th October 2017, the first single "Both Ways" from his band SWISSMAYD has been published. It's available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Ex Libris and many other online shops. Their album will be released till spring 2018. Also the second single "Free in Mind" is online!

Sponnsors / Products

Since Spring 2016, FabFo is an official endorser of the incredible sounding Soultone Cymbals and S-S-P Project GmbH Schweiz. He also endorsed by pinchclip, snareweight and the loscabos drumsticks from Canada. In cause of beeing Soultone endorser, he was invited to attend the NAMMshow 2017 and 2018 in Anaheim CA. Afterwards he had the chance to make a promotionvideo for Soultone in Encino, California.



2006: Jungmusiker Leistungsabzeichen in Bronze (AUT)
2010: 2nd place Ostschweizer drummer und percussion competition (CH)

2014: certification for studying at SwissDrumAcademy (CH)

2016: endorser Soultone Cymbals (USA, CA)

2017: the NAMMshow 2017

2017: The Princely Liechtenstein Tattoo

2018: the NAMMshow 2018



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